Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Athletics reflection

description: yesterday at athletics it was so fun I loved it.

1: what was the most enjoyable part for you at athletics and why.
My most enjoyable moment was doing my best and winning a few events.they day was so fun and thank the teachers for making it happen.

2: what are you really proud of and why.
I am really proud of improving so much from last year and getting more placements and hopefully get to go to inter school cross country.

3:what was the most challenging part and why.
My most challenging part of athletics this year was beating Campbell willing high score in high jump. It was very hard and I tried my best and I luckily got it.

4: where to now what are your next goals. My next goal is to go to inter school athletics and come in the top 3 that is my next goal.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Description: for maths troy showed us a survey and we filled it out. once we filled it out he got the information he wanted. So our tasked was to create our own survey and do questions we wanted to find out. Eli Louis Jacob and me did a survey on sportsmanship her is the and the end result.


Sunday, 13 November 2016

et reo post

 in et reo we had to practice greeting your costumers and to tell them what your selling in maori. Louis Fletcher and I were selling pictures. so we had a conversation about what we are selling in maori. here is the video we made.


Wednesday, 9 November 2016

prep portfolio post

for prep Louis Fletcher and I are making drawings of cartoons and animals. we put them in a canvas and laminated some of them and also copy all of our drawings. we only had $20 to create products for people to buy. we have a slide to write our things here is the slide.



i think you did well but next time you could stay on top of your slide. Louis

i agree with louis i could i could have stayed on top of my slide i think i did pretty good.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

maths portfolio post

for maths this term we have been learning statistics. we had to make a survey to gather information on what we want. we used slides to do the survey. our question was what do you need to be a good sportsmen.

feedback/feedfoword: You could've added a slide but I think you have done well with your survey. Houston

i agree with houston i could have out on the slide but i think i did well.

writing portfolio post

in writing me louis and fletcher wanted to sell a useless thing. we wanted to sell a popped rugby ball. we had to persuade the to buy our things for nothing we made. a add to show what we are selling. Then we showed a example.



I cant think about someone buying a popped rugby ball but you could add your writing into here. Houston

i think i did well but next time i could make my voice more clear.