Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Risk action post

Today we got put into groups with some of the year sixes that have been working with Nic Elly and Troy. Me Jacob and Angus went with hunter he was pretty cool and we had to order from 1 to 7 on what was the most hardest risk was there. Then we had to,do startigies on how to overcome it here is the sheet.


Tuesday, 13 September 2016

art portfolio post

description: for the calendar art we did our personal background and a self portrait of ourselves. we also have our own slide of our art. in the slide there is a video of on the slide about how to start your draft. here is the slide.



feedback feedfoward
You did good Jonty next time you could tell us the process of how you made it.

i think i did good but next time i could put more detail in my self portraits.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

ET reo portfolio post

Every Monday afternoon poutama split into kappa haka and ET reo. In ET reo we learnt about whakatauki. A whakatauki is a type of quote. I loved the quote he aha Te me a Nui o Te ao. He tangata he tangata he tangata. That means in English what is the most important thing in the world the Maori's thought the people that is what he tangata means. For this whakatauki we drew people here is our end result.

This is the class art.

This is my end result it is KEVIN Durant.

Feedback/Feedfoward you did a good job at not giveing up and get it done in a small time frame. #fletcher

Evaluation: I think I did alright because I got it finished in time and it was a good product but next time I could put more detail into the art.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Writing portfolio sample

On Mondays and Wednesday's at the end of the morning we do writing. We split with each teacher. Nic does planning Elly does sentences and Troy does poems. I'm in nics planning group we did a slide about what we did on planning here is the slide.


Feedback/Feedfoward I think you have dine quite a good job but you could do a little better at the planning and make it a little bit neater. #jacob Sloan 👊🏿

I think I did good at getting all the planning stuff done. I agree with Jacob I could be a bit neater.