Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Pre reading task

.  What made you choose this book. It just hocked me in and i really liked the cover
.   What appeals to you.the from cover.
.    What hocked you in. When it said I found myself in the game.

I think when they get in the they will have to finish the game to get out.

Title: inside the the game. It's sounds like a adventure I first thought at first I thought it was apart of sport because it's says inside the game but it sounds like a cool book.

Cover: looking at the cover it is like a video game because the computer crown and castle with the diamond as the reward.

Blurb: when it said after that I found myself in the game it really hocked me in. I would love to be in a game.

Prediction: well the said they were playing a game so I think it started in there house. Then they got sucked into the game so I reckon it is in a adventure game and the have to finish the game to get out.