Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Drama portfolio post

Description: on Thursday afternoons we have drama with Rebecca. We did two activities hot setting and you can't take me. My faviorite was you can't take me because we got to pick a peice of furniture 
And act it out here is the photos.

This is me as a Xbox controller.

Big idea:
My favourite activity was hot setting where we had to act and role. In act in role I learnt to understand why the character did what he did and to stay in character.

Feedback/feedford: I like how you really explained why it is your favourite but you probably need to work on writing a it more in your description. #houston

I think I did good at staying In character but i could of done better at giving better reasons to not take me.

Writing portfolio post

In writing we have three groups. Rebecca is ideas troy is words and Kate is sentences. I am in Rebecca group. My specific goal is to stick to the main points. We had to write a piece of writing from a picture we got given here is the picture.


Big idea:

Before we started our writing we did a plan here is my plan.

Here is my writing.

Once upon a time there was a cat named tom and a bird named jerry. The owner of the  big tabby cat bought a rare golden bird. So the cat thought in his head when that guy is gone I'm gonna eat that bird.

So the cat waited until the owner went to his crummy job. Once the owner left he planned his attack.
The cat tried to sneak up on the rare golden but the bird saw the cat lick his luscious lips. So the bird flew away.

The cat peered his head around the corner and pounced at the bird he was about to eat but the owner came home. The morning when the owner left for his old crummy job there was a dog walking around the house,

While the cat was sleping the rare golden bird thought in his head I got trap in my cage. So he put tuna in the cage and the cat smelled it pounced at the tuna the bird said aha I got you. The predator became the prey.

The cat wisled his little lips and the dog came in and saved him. They catch the rare golden and they left to have lunch but because he is a rare golden bird and whistled and lots of birds came and pecked the cat to death and stabed the dog. Then they lived happily ever after the end.

Feedback/feed ford: I think you had to work on spelling no picture in my head but good words#jacobw

Evaluation. I think I did good at sticking to the main point in my story. I think I need to work on using more descriptive words

Monday, 24 August 2015

Writing portfolio sample

Description: in writing we have three groups Rebecca is ideas Elly is sentences and troy is words. I am in Rebecca with idea and my spasific goal is have I stuck to the main point. We had to write a piece of writing from a photo we got given. Here is the photo.


Big idea: 

Feedback/feedford it doesn't make sense of me but lots of juicy words good job#jacobw

I think I did good at using juicy words. I think I need to work on making my writing more shorter.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Wearable arts production

In week 2 all of the teacher choose a production to do. Rebecca did heroes and villains Kate did out of Africa and troy did elements and the elements are fire water wind and earth. Every Friday we get together in our groups we would get a 1 choice 2 choice and 3 choice I got my second choice which was Rebecca we made a plan and a mood board here is my one. The production theme is ora which means life.

This is my plan

This is my mood board
This is my finish product.

Here are some questions we needed to answer.

(1) The materials that I used to create my garment were: paint, milk bottle cardboard and tape.

(2) the most challenging thing about production was: breaking my garment and having to start again.

(3) one way I demonstrated a growth mindset during production was: I showed it by saying I couldn't finish my garment but I thought in my head I can finish it.

(4) something I am really proud about production was: finishing my garment because I try really hard at it and then when it was finished it ended up looking pretty cool.

(5) out school vision is to create agency creativity and excellence. I showed this by: I couldn't think of anything to create so I started thinking of a chainsaw and thought of how to make it. I showed creativity.

Feedback/feedford:  like how you took a photo from the front and back
Maybe you could start strate juven#

Evaluation : I think I did good at putting lots of detail in my garment. I think I could of made something else.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Reading portfolio sample

In reading we had to Choose a goal out of summarising and questining. I choose summarising because i already know questining. We had to choose a a tic tac toe to do. I did somebody-wanted-but-so-then. Here is my image


Big idea:
I think this has helped heaps because my summarising is a lot better and I can persuade people and tell them the main points and keywords.

Feedback/feedford: I think you need to take a clearer picture. I think you did Good at explaining. #luke 

I think I did good at using lots of detail in my tic tac toe. I think I need to work on have clear writing so the reader could read it.