Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Science experiment

Today our class did a science experiment. We had three bowls; one bowl was warm,the other bowl was  really cold and the last one was room temperature. 

We put one hand in the warm one, the other hand in the really cold one. After  one minute you put both your hands in the room temperature.

Once you put your hand in the room temperature you have to describe how your hands felt.  My hands felt numb.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Holiday PMI


Me and my dad stayed home and watched the nba.

Me and my family went to splash planet and I loved it.

My dad got his cast off.


Having my uncle Ivans unveiling.

Driving to Taranaki and getting car sick.

Getting new games for my ps3 and psp but my dad keeps on playing on it.


Me and my dad went to the movies.   

Having rugby training

Me  my cousins and my friend had a boys night out.